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Past, Present, & Future: Presidents of the University of Houston-Clear Lake


This exhibit celebrates the past and current presidents of the University of Houston-Clear Lake. 

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Women of NASA: Treasures from Our Collections


Selected items pertaining to the women of the Space Program from the collecting areas of the University Archives at the University of Houston - Clear Lake.

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Archives: We Are The Originals

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Selected items from the collecting areas of the University Archives at the University of Houston - Clear Lake.

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Alfred R. Neumann Rare Books Collection

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Selected works from the Alfred R. Neumann Rare Book Collection


UHCL Memorabilia Collection


Selected items from the UHCL Memorabilia Collection at the Universtiy of Houston - Clear Lake.

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History of UHCL Archives

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Selected materials from the University Archives at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. Exhibit created in celebration of American Archives Month 2016. 



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The Maxime Faget Collection


Selected materials from the Maxime A. Faget Collection at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

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Henry "Hank" Eggers Collection


Hank Eggers (1938-2012) was born in Philadelphia PA and was an Electronics Technician in the U.S. Navy. He became a Field Engineer for General Dynamics Corp. in the early 1960s and was sent to Houston from San Diego to work as a contractor with NASA.

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Clear Lake Area History


The online component to the Neumann Library exhibit documenting the history of the Clear Lake area.


Academic Laurels


In January 1993 the UHCL 20th Anniversary Commemoration Steering Committee convened to begin planning a year-long celebration from September 1993 to September 1994. The Committee adopted the theme "Celebration of Excellence" and planned a full slate of events such as a national aspiring playwrights festival, guest lecturer Joyce Carol Oates, and a charter faculty and staff reunion. In addition, the committee desired to commission a lasting piece of permanent artwork for the University.

Joyce Goerke, honorary chair of the committee and wife of then-UHCL President Glenn Goerke, suggested a quilt as an artistic symbol of the commemorative event. Just as a large quilt is created of many small parts, the University represents a unified community, a patchwork of people and ideas.

The photos and other records used for this exhibit can be found in the UHCL. 20th Anniversary Quilt Commemoration Committee Records (#2001-0007) University Archives, Neumann Library, University of Houston-Clear Lake.