Quilt Subcommittee

The first gathering of the Quilt Subcommittee met on August 19, 1993. In attendance were Judy Cloninger, Joyce Goerke, Judy Chapmon, Naomi Dunaway, Janice Fisher, Irene Garn, Diane Johnson, Jan Just, Pat Pate and Darlene Staples.

Cloninger presents mock-up

Judy Cloninger presented a mock-up of the quilt, discussed the design concept, and explained how each component of the quilt would be created.

Kick Off Event

To introduce the project to the University community, the quilt subcommittee exhibited a display for the 20th Anniversary Kick-Off Event held on September 11, 1993. Judy Cloninger and Diane Johnson coordinated the display, which included a sign-up sheet for persons interested in working on the quilt.