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In January 1993 the UHCL 20th Anniversary Commemoration Steering Committee convened to begin planning a year-long celebration from September 1993 to September 1994. The Committee adopted the theme "Celebration of Excellence" and planned a full slate of events such as a national aspiring playwrights festival, guest lecturer Joyce Carol Oates, and a charter faculty and staff reunion. In addition, the committee desired to commission a lasting piece of permanent artwork for the University.

Joyce Goerke, honorary chair of the committee and wife of then-UHCL President Glenn Goerke, suggested a quilt as an artistic symbol of the commemorative event. Just as a large quilt is created of many small parts, the University represents a unified community, a patchwork of people and ideas.

The photos and other records used for this exhibit can be found in the UHCL. 20th Anniversary Quilt Commemoration Committee Records (#2001-0007) University Archives, Neumann Library, University of Houston-Clear Lake.